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There’s no one you’d rather trust for commercial and residential asbestos removal & waste Disposal and hazardous materials management than RCG, the most reliable asbestos removal specialist in Auckland. We are trained to protect you against asbestos and other harmful substances in your homes, factories, offices, hospitals, government buildings and anywhere else you may be at risk.


RCG is always looking for outstanding industry players to join our growing team. We’re a Pacifica organisation and support members of our community in finding jobs that will empower them now and in the future. All qualified and experienced asbestos supervisors and contractors who are interested in working with our professional, expert team are welcome to send applications to
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Welcome to Reliable Contracting Group Ltd. We have over 30 years combined experience. It’s our honour to serve you and all of Auckland as the most dependable team for impeccable, trustworthy services related to asbestos remediation and management of hazardous materials. Asbestos was commonly used in building until it was linked to lung cancer, heart disease and other long-term illnesses in the late 1990s. Building companies in New Zealand have taken serious action to remove asbestos and prevent the risk of exposure, but every year hundreds of people are still affected. RCG strongly supports our government’s firm stance against asbestos use in buildings, and we are determined to bring higher levels of protection against this harmful substance through our meticulous, dedicated work. Since our inception in 2019, it has been our mission to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective asbestos removal services and hazmat management services to the people and businesses in our community. We are here to assist, advise and guide you to safe practices in every way we can, leaving you with an invaluable experience that you can find only with RCG.
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As a young team, we’re proud to be leading the way as the new generation of asbestos and Hazmat specialists in Auckland. We take a customer-centred approach and combine years of industry experience with a fresh take on each job for smarter, safer outcomes. Along our journey, we’ve not been hesitant to embrace new innovations, new digital technology and new advanced methods of safely removing and testing for asbestos in homes and workplaces. We combine the following values in delivering best practices to you, our valued client.


We’re a majority Pacifica organisation with deep respect for our rich indigenous culture. We maintain a connection to our land and its people, taking care to practise sensitivity in our customer engagement and avoid environmental contamination in our work.


In a transient economic climate with a skilled staff shortage, we value teamwork as dreamwork. We tackle each challenge head-on as a unit, and we collaborate and empower every member of our team to excel not only in the asbestos clearance industry but in life.


Reliable is our name, and we are 100% committed to keeping our promise of service delivery excellence. We complete each job with integrity and precision, and we won’t rest until our customers are satisfied with our workmanship and safe from all hazardous substances.


We care about your safety, health and well-being. We care about our environment and our community. Our goal is zero harm in all our business practices, and we invite you to partner with us for safe, low-impact residential and commercial asbestos removal and hazmat management.

Licensed commercial and domestic asbestos removal services, Hazmat management and deconstruction experts in Auckland. If it’s not good, it’s got to go, and we’ll make it happen!
Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Thorough Asbestos testing and licenced removal in Auckland. Includes asbestos roof cleaning, asbestos flooring removal, garage removal, asbestos home inspection and more. We also provide free advice to help you stay within government regulations and avoid contact with asbestos in the future. We can point you to useful online resources that will be an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance for you, along with our ongoing customer support.
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Hazmat Management

Hazmat Management

We will safely and expertly manage and dispose of hazardous materials such as chemical waste, contaminated oil, and asbestos from roofs, garages and floors for your optimum health. Medical waste and other hazardous materials should never be interfered with as it poses a huge risk to your life and to the environment. Call in the professionals for swift management and protection from hazardous waste.
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Professional demolition and dismantling of buildings as you require, with a special focus on zero harm and zero waste through recycling, rebuilding and safe disposal of materials and rubble. We also do strip-outs of buildings if you are renovating and need to dismantle interior materials such as lighting, air conditioning, ceilings or flooring. From small site clearance to big-scale projects, we do them all with confidence and unrivalled capability while keeping you within regulatory standards.
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There’s never a dull moment at RCG! Have a look at the amazing work our team is doing in asbestos clearance and safe building deconstruction around Auckland. We are proud to have a portfolio that spans some of the leading commercial companies in Auckland and would be happy to serve you with our impeccable asbestos removal services.
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RCG takes quality assurance seriously for the safety of our team, our clients and our environment. We are fully licensed with ISO systems and accredited by the following New Zealand authorities. This shows our dedication to constant improvement and that we are among the best in our field, making us the number one choice for reliable, trustworthy asbestos disposal and hazmat management services in Auckland.

WE ARE YOUR Safest Bet.