Reliable Contracting Group gets your deconstruction work done efficiently and effortlessly, staying compliant with industry regulations and best practices at all times. We get the job done, and we get it done right, no frills, no fuss. As Auckland’s leading choice for professional deconstruction on small to larger-scale jobs, we have the knowledge and skill to handle your request with the charm and excellence that is characteristic of our team.


RCG has the prowess and the industry know-how to handle all your large-scale building demolition needs. Our team is available for projects of any size, and we will manage the entire deconstruction process with confidence from start to finish. For safe, effective deconstruction of a wide range of buildings, from apartment blocks to high-rise towers to retail or wholesale buildings, offices, industrial facilities and more, make sure RCG is your first choice. We provide end-to-end demolition services planned specifically for your needs and delivered in the most professional way for the best outcomes. Our service is all-inclusive, meaning that we take care of related incidents that may occur during demolition, such as the need for hazardous waste disposal or recycling of deconstructed building materials.

  • Comprehensive commercial deconstruction package
  • Real-time solutions and support
  • Specialised demolition for challenging environments


Our wide range of deconstruction and demolition services in Auckland includes small site clearance for simple projects that may not be as complex or detailed as commercial deconstruction. This may come as a relief as small site owners often struggle to find a service that’s tailored to their individual needs. At Reliable Contracting Group, we know there is not always a one-size-fits-all approach, and each project has its sensitivities and careful requirements. We take the time to get to know you as our client and invest in understanding your needs and meeting your expectations. If you need highly effective deconstruction done urgently, we are proud to deliver a fast response time. RCG team members are all highly trained in small site clearance and safe management of rubble and hazardous materials for disposal or removal from your site.

  • One-on-one consulting & personalised service
  • Stay on track & within your budget
  • Advisory services for regulatory requirements


Stay well within regulatory guidelines with our fully licenced deconstruction and site clearance services for small to large sites on commercial or residential property. We are accredited, and our team members are vetted to deliver customer service of the highest standards.