Asbestos in Homes: How to Identify and Manage Asbestos-Containing Materials

Asbestos Roof Removal

Over time, the New Zealand government has placed more and more restrictions on the use of asbestos in construction projects. For example, the country banned raw asbestos in 1984 and ceased production of asbestos building materials in 1987.

Nonetheless, it was not until 2016 that New Zealand largely stopped importing asbestos products and materials. This has left residential hazardous materials widespread across the country.

This situation is worth heeding if you are considering carrying out DIY work in your home — as damaging or disturbing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can release fibres that could potentially get lodged in your lungs and contribute to the eventual emergence of lethal disease.

Educate Yourself About Common ACMs 

Historically, asbestos has often been combined with another material to create an ACM. Examples of ACMs that could be in your home include pipes and sheets made from asbestos cement itself having resulted from asbestos being added to cement.

Asbestos is also known to have been included in insulation, walls and floor tiles. If your home has any of these and you are aware of them dating back to the mid-1980s or earlier, there’s a chance that they may contain asbestos — though the word ‘may’ here would warrant emphasis…

Look for Warning Labels

Some ACMs have been physically labelled as containing asbestos — as this mineral has long been known to be dangerous despite the slow pace at which New Zealand has introduced regulation of it.

However, as not all ACMs will have such labels attached to them, you might still need to reach out to a professional with specialist knowledge in how to detect residential hazardous materials.

Arrange a Professional Asbestos Survey

The process of this asbestos survey, you will see samples of the possible ACMs transferred from the home to a laboratory — allowing those samples to be properly tested for signs of asbestos. If this mineral is indeed found to be present, the ACMs can subsequently be removed.

Make sure, though, that the asbestos removal is itself undertaken by a professional with the credentials to do so effectively and safely. Through phoning Reliable Contracting Group on 0800 724 7687, you can learn how we are able to expertly handle residential hazardous materials in Auckland.


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